Monday, January 9, 2012

BFF Open House Link Party#35 Wrap Up And Features: Giving Back Edition

Thanks to everyone who linked up to the first BFF Open House Link Party of 2012 and the 35th weekly BFF Open House here at The Answer Is Chocolate!

As always, some fantastic ideas were shared,  but  this week’s features all share a common theme. One thing I love about crafters, artists, and creative people is the willingness to share those talents for good causes. I always love  “crafting for a cause” and will be looking for more opportunities to do so in 2012.

Mary, aka “Mrs. Redo” shared a project that still has me emotional because I know someone who’s been affected by the cause she and her family have crafted for: Domestic Violence.
You can visit her blog to learn more about “Operation Comfort Doll” , dolls made to give women in shelters escaping from Domestic Violence. Each doll comes with this note:
"I am a Comfort Doll. I was made especially for you
by a woman's heart and hands who cares. 
When you need strength or just a smile,
hold me and feel the love I send.
Like me, you are unique, worthy, beautiful,
and deserve all good things in life.
You have the strength within yourself to be extraordinary.
Find the strength and shine!
Comfort Dolls - created with our hands - 
given with our hearts."

Michelle over at Faith Trust and A Little Pixie Dust shared the way she chose to celebrate reaching 500 Followers on her blog. Michelle collected and donated coats for a local  shelter providing temporary housing to families. Michelle did this in honor of her readers! OK trying not to cry here!
Those are some of the coats in the background, and that’s Michelle. How special is this?! As one of her readers,  I feel so humbled by her thoughtfulness and generosity.

I know that in times of sadness, creating something has been healing for me. Karin, over at Art Is Beauty, recently had a dear friend of hers lose a brother to suicide.  Turning this tragedy into something healing, the family started a suicide prevention awareness foundation in his name. Karin created this beautiful piece of art that will be part of an auction to raise money for this foundation:
These things just spoke to me as needing to be shared. Like our favorite Super Heroes, we can use our talents for good! I know these ladies have done just that and I am so honored they shared their generosity at my little link party.

Now where did I put my tights and cape?


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Carol, for featuring the little Comfort Dolls. It's a blessing to be involved in something that helps others, one of my goals for this year. Hugs ~ Mary

Netty said...

Thank you for sharing these very personal projects. x

Art Is Beauty said...

Thank you so much! My tears now are of happiness. Thank you so much for sharing this so that others might see and might know to turn to someone.
Thanks again,

Honey I'm Home Blog said...

Thank you so much, Carol, for this special acknowledgment. It means a lot to me. I will proudly "wear" your button! So glad we're blog friends.

Warmly, Michelle

Michelle L. said...

So nice! Hooray for everyone who gives of her time and energy and heart like these cool women are doing!

Jenn Erickson said...

Wow! What inspiring and generous ladies! Thank you for sharing and spotlighting these kind hearts, Carol!