Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Reverse Trick or Treat: Mid-Term Survival Kit

Halloween Goodie Box Closeup
It didn’t take long to learn that college kids are different from high school kids in that silly fun things are not embarrassing ( within reason!) and are appreciated.  Away from home, they  love to receive packages!  I always had fun making stuff for either class parties or as he got older, friend parties,  but what to do this year with him not home?
Thus “Reverse Trick or Treat” was conceived! And, since October is mid-term time for him and a few of his best friends, I combined the two.
You might remember the altered candles I did for graduation party favors. I had some supplies left over and found the cutest self adhesive metal “Monster Head” stickers by Jolee’s Boutique.
Halloween Votives
The instructions on how to make these are in the graduation post. I printed “Trick or Treat” on the candle wrappers and adhered the stickers. Then wrapped each one in a clear cello bag:
Halloween Votive
Then when I was at the grocery store one day I saw a pack of kids bubbles. I thought this would be a good way to represent “blowing off steam”. But these bottles just screamed to be altered!
Altered Bubbles
Wrapped each bottle with Canvas Corp’s black and white harlequin paper and went over it with “Smash” tape. Then used “Poison” labels  from Recollections at Michaels. These definitely needed to be wrapped in case of leakage.
ALtered Bubbles Bottle
Of course college kids need sugar! I found this cute idea on Pinterest which is from The Idea Room: Mummy Candy Bars!
Candy Bar Mummy
Super easy ! Giant candy bars ( they were 2 for $3 @ Target); googly eyes and white crepe paper streamer from Dollar Tree. Go to The Idea Room for the full tute! Also included a bag of Halloween mini-candies ( chocolate of course!)
Still with me?
Trick or Treat Goodies
These are some of the miscellaneous things I included in the kits. Stretchy skeletons and pumpkin noise makers ( Michaels). Halloween Pez dispenser. And see those cute Whisker Graphics bags?! I actually did one set of full “kits” for son and 4 friends, but his school has this thing called sponsor groups where they put kids together in a dorm like a built in family in groups of 10-12, so I did a box of goodies (minus the bubbles, and candles) for them.
Used the Whisker Graphics bags for those , sealed with these:
Halloween Tags
One bag / tag for each of the 12 “spiblings” (yes that’s what they really call each other!) and their two sponsors ( upper classmen who show them the ropes).
The final individual kits:
Halloween Goodie Box
And here’s the cheesy sign I included in each of the 5 kit boxes:
Mid Term Survival Kit
“Zombie Apocalypse and Mid Term Survival Kit”
Several college campuses have recently been playing a campus wide game of Zombies vs Humans so I thought I’d play on that. Plus, after mid terms, they may feel like zombies!

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beyond the peel said...

Wow, lots of fun ideas. Heck these would be fun for an adult Halloween party!

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

Very fun care package, Carol! I think you win mom of the year!! :)

Stephanie said...

What a fun idea! And I remember being extra silly in college :)

Christine said...

Oh I LOVE these ideas!! They will love this stuff for sure...

Doreen said...

There you go again - being creative! Love all your spooky ideas.

Anonymous said...

I dub you "Coolest Mom of a College Kid Ever" (OK, I know that doesn't matter since I'm a college grad but not a mom, but hear me out). My mom never did cool stuff like this. Sure, she sent me care packages, but usually when I first came back from vacation and forgot something or told her something I needed. It was all packed safely and neatly in whatever boxes she could find and shipped normally. The only time she sent me a midterm or finals survival kit was when Central sent cards to the parents saying "Hey, finals are coming up. Why not send one of our survival kits to your kid. They're full of food to help them study before and relax after." This, however, was above and beyond. I especially like the "poison" labels on the bubbles >.<

Marie said...

How fun is that! I wish I would have had this in college :) Thanks so much for linking up with us at Show & Share!


B's Mommy said...


Jenn Erickson said...

Carol, this is one big wonderful idea loaded with lots of bonus ones!

I'm featuring your post on my Facebook page today.