Monday, August 29, 2011

Today's Guest Chocoholic: Doreen from Altered Artworks!

I became an immediate fan of Carol’s “The Answer is Chocolate” [Does the Question Really Matter?] blog from its name alone. You don’t have to call me twice when there’s chocolate in the room. And when there’s chocolate and crafts together? You got me on hello.
Let me introduce myself. Born and raised in the City by the Bay [San Francisco], I grew up in a fog – literally. It was foggy almost every day, at least until late afternoon when the sun would sometimes grace us with its presence.
A typical day in San Francisco

After 25 years, fate [a job and a boyfriend] brought me to So Cal, where it’s sunny practically every day.

Crafting in Laguna Beach

The job turned into a career, and the boyfriend became my husband. After the birth of our second daughter, I was lucky enough to stay home and follow them around reminding them to brush their teeth, tie their shoes and go to the bathroom before they leave the house! I served time as Room Parent, PTA President, Girl Scout leader to two troops, and volunteered on every school committee until my kids couldn't take it anymore, begging me to go back to work. I kind of took their advice, and now volunteer at the local senior center

 "If we knew grandchildren were so much fun, we would've had them first!"
My Dad, Mom, Elysa & Kaylee

I am a passionate crafter. My Mom taught me how to sew and knit, and I dabbled in what is now called altered art. My first projects included covering cigar boxes (when the tobacco stores gave them away) with wallpaper samples and decoupaging jigsaw puzzles into wall art. Fast forward to today. After many years of creating handmade gifts, I sold my altered art at local craft boutiques. However, I quickly realized that instead of selling my work, I wanted to share my love for the actual process with others. Thus, Altered Artworks was created

Hosting home workshops provides the opportunity for people to create their own treasures. However, more important than the actual artwork, is the "creative therapy" which evolves, where life stories are shared and friendships are made. Seriously, I wonder if we could get closer to world peace if everyone at the table was given some paper, paint and Mod Podge!

If you’re a fan of the inspiring magazine, “Where Women Create,” you might appreciate my teeny-tiny craft room. It measures 8 ft. x 10 ft. This is a photo of it on a good day. I am not at liberty to share what it looks like on a not-so-good day.

I’m not complaining about the lack of space, but, it is getting difficult to store my paint. [One can never have enough shades of blue.] I share equal blame with those viciously marvelous 40% off coupons. Save me!

My craft stash must-haves include ribbon, Mod Podge, buttons, acrylic paint, beautiful paper, metal ephemera and more ribbon. My altered art “transforms the mundane, one embellishment at a time.” Here are a few of my favorite projects. [Just click on photo to view specific post.]

                                                               Altered Shutter

Two panel canvas photo frame

Coffee-theme Ensemble: tile coasters, notepad/pen holder and clipboard

Mother-Daughter Altered Wall Canvas
(Top canvas: Me in 1956. Bottom: Me now.)

Love, love, love altered clipboards

To see additional altered art and a few tutorials, please visit my Altered Artworks blog. And if you live in Southern California, please join me at one of my Creative Therapy workshops.

Have a great day!
And thanks, Carol, for letting me share my story and love for altered art with your blogger friends.


Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

A girl after my own heart! I love altered crafts and these are fantastic! I adore the mother-daughter altered wall canvas. Just gorgeous!

Dee said...

Beautiful work! Found this blog via triberr and love the content~!