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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

There's A Michael's Store in Downtown Vancouver BC!

Mr. Chocolate, College Boy and I got away last weekend for a long weekend in Vancouver British Columbia. We love Vancouver and go there whenever we can. Most of the time when we go somewhere, I scout out where the closest craft store is because well, ya know! Knowing that we were going to be in the heart of downtown Vancouver however, it never occurred to me to check. Well what do you know?!

And I didn't even find it. Mr. Chocolate and College Boy did!  We split up while out one day and they came back to the hotel and said " Did you know there's a Michaels on Alberni street" . Since we're always teasing each other, I thought they were being sarcastic. HA! So off I went after dinner. 

Mod Podge supplies? Check 

Wall o ribbon? Check.

Scrapbook paper? Check. Along with everything else you expect to find at Michaels: beads, seasonal decor, paints, EVERYTHING. I guess why this was such a pleasant surprise is the store's located in the heart of Vancouver's "Rodeo Drive". There's an Hermes ( ca-ching) store on one corner, a Tiffany store (more ca-ching) on the other , Louis Vuitoon across the street. along with several high end boutiques and restaurants. 

Not to mention that it's two levels with origami doves going up the escalator. See? Even when I'm not trying to , I can't stay out of a craft store. 

If you ever get the chance to go to Vancouver BC do it. Not just for the Michaels of course ( although c'mon...that helps) but it's a vibrant city with so much to do. Check out this food truck: 

There are a bunch of fun food trucks around the city. Dining options abound and cover any type of food you could want. Drinks too! 

Signature drink of Cactus Club Cafe: Peach Bellini. YUM!