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Monday, July 12, 2010

I Tutued!

I was very inspired by Samster Mommy's  Tutu 2010 drive, that I tried my hand at making one last night and I think it turned out OK. No, it's not exactly going to be used by any Bolshoi ballerinas but that wasn't the point anyway :)  I more or less followed the instructions that the Greenbean's Crafterole used, which she modified from Samster Mommy's tutu-orial.  I used a roll of tulle cut in 24 inch lengths ( so when they're doubled over they're 12 inches in length) and tied them to a length of satin ribbon. It was super easy and for a first crack at making a tutu, I think it will work:
Excuse that piece that's flipped up in the really does lay down! 

Samster Mommy Tutu Drive
Linking Up At: 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tutu Special Tutu Not Spread The Word

It's been unusually hot in my neck of the woods and I have not felt like doing much making of anything these past several days. I like to try to keep my blog current by posting something daily and I was at one of those "I got nuthin" places today. Then, I checked my reader and saw something on one of the blogs I recently began following, Greenbean's Crafterole ( I just love that name)  that just needs to be blogged about and shared...even if I'm the last person in the blogiverse to have found out about this...I'm guessing I'm not.

Greenbean blogged here about "Tutu Drive 2010" which  is an effort to collect dress up clothes to donate to seriously ill children. She learned about it from another blogger, Samster Mommy who is coordinating this blogland drive.  It's part of the Princess Alexa Foundation  which Samster Mommy tells us was started by a mom to a little girl named Alexa who liked to go everywhere dressed as a princess, but who sadly, lost her battle with her illness in 2008.

We came through the one scare we had with our son when he was 2 and he has been blessed with good health ever since. I cannot imagine anything more devastating than knowing that your child was seriously or terminally ill. I also can't imagine that gathering things like dress up clothes would or even could be high on the list of things you have to do. So this just sounds like the most awesome thing that creative and crafty people could do. Here's what Samster Mommy is doing (and I've linked directly to the post w/ all of the details):

#1 Make/Buy a tutu sometime between now & July 20th & mail it to Samster Mommy. It's needs to be sealed in a ziploc baggie & the baggie should be labeled with the size. She'll gather all the goods together & send them off to Crys in one big box of tutu goodness! And if you can, email her a pic of your creation so she can feature it on the blog.

Please mail all donations to:

Samster Mommy
P.O. Box 84132
Gaithersburg, MD 20883

#2 Please help spread the word! (100 tutus is a lot & if she  doesn't get enough people involvedshe's going to be spending a lot of all-nighters with her tulle stash.) You'll see there are two buttons available on her sidebar for the Tutu Drive, if you have a blog all you have to do is copy the html code below the button & paste it as either a gadget (there's a gadget for html) in your sidebar or just paste it directly into your blog post in "edit html" mode.

I will attempt #1, but #2 was easy to do. So let's help Samster Mommy reach her goal OK?

Samster Mommy Tutu Drive

She's even got a "10 Minute Tutu-torial" right here!