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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fat Quarters Aren’t Just For Quilting!

I’m not a quilter, but I can’t keep myself out of the quilting fabric. I especially love “fat quarters”….they’re about 18”x18” pieces of the same fabrics you can buy by the yard. They’re also a perfect size to wrap a wine bottle.
Starting this week, the first wave of my son’s friends  leave for college. We were stopping by one goodbye party and I was trying to think of how to wrap a bottle of wine and didn’t quite have time to make a wine bag. Fat quarter to rescue! I just placed the bottle in the middle, gathered up the edges wrapped a rubber band around the neck and finished off with some ribbon!
The tag is one I had on hand for just such an occasion (it was really a card and I cut along the score line to have twice as many tags and embellished with some paper scraps, KandCo scrapbook borders etc.) I just threaded some of the same ribbon through the holes in it and tied to the bottle.
I also wanted to bring some cupcakes but with everyone so busy didn’t want to worry about getting a container back etc. Enter aluminum pans from Dollar Tree along with a plain white flour sack towel from the same. The hostess can use these for something else and not have to worry about returning.
The paper flags I simply made using my Printshop Deluxe Program and printed on a patterened scrapbook paper in the Freshman’s school colors.
And I’m still using up the edible gold glitter stars I bought for my son’s graduation which seems like an eternity ago and now they’re all leaving for college! YIKES! Maybe I should have bought two bottles of wine.
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