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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quick and Easy Package Toppers

This is far from life changing but I thought I’d share a quick and easy way to 1.) finish off your packages and 2.) use up those pesky scraps of wrapping paper that always seem to be there.

I neglected to take pics along the way but it’s pretty straightforward.
Package Topper (2)
I just made a medallion, lolly, pinwheel,  whatever you want to call it from my scrap wrapping paper. ( Fan fold either one long piece or two smaller pieces cut the same size ) and make your basic medal-lollly-wheel. 

I did find a video that covers the basics here

I punched a circle from some scrap glitter cardstock and added a metallic pom pom from my stash. You could add another medallion, a die cut, a different punched shape, button etc. Great way to use up leftovers and onesies.

Package Topper

I tried this idea as a more 3-D concept too:
Half Lolly Package Toppers
I call this the “half lolly” . Sounds like a diving term!
Half Lolly Package Toppers
Instead of bringing the two sides together to form a circle, I just taped them straight to the package so it stands up.

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