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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Woodworking and I Love Lucy

And you're wondering what in the heck these two have to do with each other.  I'll tell's how my brain rolls. If I can't relate something to a movie, I can for sure relate it to a TV show. So...on our vacation we visited with my BFF and her family like we do every year. And "Mr. BFF" is a supercalifragi-talented woodworker whom I'm trying to convince needs to open an etsy shop. Now you get the woodworking reference.

My BFF and I love "I Love Lucy". We quote it, we sing the "Friendship" the Vitameatavegamin get the jist. We love that Lucy, Ethel, Ricky and Fred's antics seem to transcend generations.  We also take turns being the Lucy character and plan to write a book someday called "The Lucy and Ethel Girlfriend's Guide". Our first line ( which we haven't gotten any further than for several years) is: "Sometimes you're the Lucy and sometimes you're the Ethel".

If you know anything about "I Love Lucy" you know that she was always in trouble with Ricky and always had some 'splainin to do. So in this scenario, my BFF is definitely the Lucy because she gave me permission to blog about Mr. BFF's (aka "Ricky") amazing supercalifragi-talented woodworking.  "Now Ricky, don't be mad".  See how Lucy and woodworking fit together now?  Take a look: 

He made this table and the lamps! My bad photography skills don't do them justice. Here's the lamp close up and you can see the stunning wood the table is made from:

In addition to furniture, he makes jewelry and the most beautiful pens. Here are some bracelets:

and these amazing boxes:

He also makes things like cutting boards, pizza paddles, beautiful wooden Santas, a table from a wine barrel etc. etc.

So ahem "Ricky"....etsy store?