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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Prom…The Creative Ask

I’m sure you’re bored to tears with me mentioning graduation etc. but since that’s what’s been keeping my blogging to a minimum lately, I thought I’d share some of what I’ve been busy doing.

My son’s school has all these traditions. Freshman year was culture shock and now, by Senior year, it’s all old hat . Don’t tell…I’ll miss some of them! One tradition is that for the two big dances each year ( Homecoming and TOLO, which is what we in the Northwest call a Sadie Hawkins type dance) and then for Prom, you do the “creative ask”. What the heck is that you ask? Well it’s just about anything creatively done to ask your date to the dance. Never mind that the dates have been agreed to well before the creative ask is done. It’s still expected.

In four years, he’s asked or been asked by: conspiring with lockermates to hide things in and decorate lockers and cars; things have been delivered to the house creatively wrapped ( a box within a box within a box etc each with a clue); a faux turtle terrarium ( luckily the girl got talked out of a REAL turtle; in the middle of assemblies; and one year, before he could drive , I swore we’d end up on the news after leaving lighted luminarias on one girl’s  front steps (her mom was in on it).

He went to prom with a girl he’s been friends with forever and they have an inside joke of being “Cookie Monster” and “Elmo” including having had these on  team sweatshirts  etc. He asked if I could do cookies but I’m horrible at decorating cookies so I did cupcakes! I was really excited to try this stuff :
Edible gold glitter stars! They’re by Wilton and I found them at Michaels. Got so excited I ripped open the package before taking a pic.

The cupcakes themselves were just dark chocolate with vanilla frosting. The gold stars made all the difference though!
To carry out the “Cookie Monster” and “Elmo” theme, I found clipart, created a graphic, printed and then punched w/ 2” circle punch. Cut larger circles on my Expression and then decorated with adhesive rhinestones. Did I mention that the request for these came at 3PM the day before he wanted to do the ask? IMPROV time!
I stuck the cupcake toppers to straws using glue dots, and computer generated the text using a fun font.
Thankfully he and then she loved them. And Prom was last Saturday and they had a wonderful time! And I still have tons of gold stars left for graduation cupcakes!