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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Decking The Halls: Tree 3...The Formal Tree

I was obsessed with Christmas decorations from childhood. No one knows why. And the Mumster ( aka Mom) and my since departed Daddy, both knew they had a weird kid (for a LOT of reasons beyond Christmas!). I even had my own tree in my room as a kid so now you'll really think really me ungrateful, but it was ALUMINUM! And our  big tree was artificial and I longed for a real tree but I had terrible asthma and allergies and as a parent myself know now that my parents did what was best for me.

But from the time I first lived on my own, I've had a real tree  and over the years it's gone from whatever decorations I could afford  (which some years was barely the ribbon) to a collection for which I am grateful and love, but which has been built over time, including several years of day after Christmas 50% off shopping!

It's kind of hard to see because it has a lot of clear crystal and glass ornaments on it so they blend in. But IRL, they catch the lights and we often just sit in the quiet of the night and think back on the years they represent. 
Another collection I've built over the years is one of Santas. It's not uncommon  for me to get special ornaments or Santas for birthdays, Mother's Day, or just when we're on a trip. If there's a Christmas store somewhere,  I'll find it.
A few of the Santas hanging out together
And the big boss Santa who makes sure the others behave
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