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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Decking The Halls: Tree 2

Continuing on the tour of Christmas crazy...

In addition to liking the whimsical combo of red and lime, I liked the idea of a woodsy natrual look ( on an artificial tree...I know) so of course that meant its own tree. This one's in our dining room, another 4ft table top tree:

Once again I didn't buy all the decorations at once ( really honey, I didn't) so it's a mix of some I bought and others I made. I used to ice skate so have a few skate ornaments and so this tree has been reserved for them. There are green and brown Martha glass pinecones and small glass balls, as well as these embossed metal doves I made one year:
and paper stars wrapped with copper wire and crystal beads:
The topper is made from leftover faux pears and ribbon from another project, and instead of a skirt, I filled the bottom of the tree / top of the stand with a sugar beaded apple garland I found on super sale somewhere one year:
This little Mark Roberts Woodland fairy keeps watch over the tree:

He's happy that the crazy lady didn't stick him IN the tree like she did some of his friends.