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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm A Stumblin' Fool!

Be nice! No I didn't fall down the stairs ( or up, as I've been known to me it can be done!). I'm one of those late bloomers sometimes, and I just "discovered" Stumble Upon and I am hooked!  I'm just barely Facebook literate ( my son would argue that point and not from the standpoint of telling me I'm being modest) but while I was on my FB page, I saw a post by my friend Erin at Crafts and Sutch in which she mentioned Stumbled Upon.

Being nosy  curious, I went to check it out. I'd seen this little logo on people's sites, and seen people mention it on their blogs,  but today was just the day.  One of the things I'm really focused on is finding websites and blogs that feed my creative appetite, that are inspiring, that are ones with projects and ideas similar to mine etc. This is PERFECTION!

You can select your interests and then you click your little stumble button and up comes a site. You can "like" it and then it gets saved for you ( or if it's a blog, you can choose to follow it ) or if it's not your thing, you can just "Stumble" again and again and again. But wait...that's not all.

A new car! Just kidding :) But you can "follow" some of your favorite bloggers in Stumble Upon and then you or they can share w/ each other or post to Facebook or Twitter.  I know...your head's spinning. Mine too. Some days I don't know whether to like my face or tweet my book, but social networking is here to stay so I'm trying to at least pretend to keep up with it!

So check it out if you're interested in finding some new ideas or places to stalk, I mean visit. I'm theanswerischoco on Stumble Upon.

And I'm writing this because I'm really excited about it. The Stumble Upon people don't even know about me ...yet.