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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I LOVE It When A Plan Comes Together!

My mom (aka The Mumster) gave me a gorgeous frame for my birthday last year. She did a whole “bling” theme, with a box FULL of blingy adhesive rhinestones and stickers and the frame was also blingy.

I just couldn’t decide what picture  to put in it so it’s sat empty. Until today! While linking up to Someday Crafts Whatever Wednesday, something caught my eye which brought me to a new blog called Sprik Space, home of a lovely and generous blogger named Aimee. Aimee had linked up some adorable printables which just happened to feature an image my mom loves and in a color that was perfect for my frame! WIN WIN!!!

It’s the LOVE image based on a sculpture by an artist named Robert Indiana. The Mumster  has pics of the original sculpture in New York and this just tied together an already meaningful gift from her.

However, since the frame is mirrored , it’s also a bear to photograph without reflecting everything, but I was so giddy about this coming together  I wanted to share.
Go follow Aimee for this printable that she’s done in a variety of colors, as well as many more cute ones!
Just Because - LOVE - IMAGE - Sprik Space

And yes, I’m going to frame Mom’s favorite color for her. Thank You Aimee!!
Sprik Space