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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Interest in Pinterest?

When I made my Social Networking Subway Art printables, I included “PIN” as one of the words. I received a few comments that people were unfamiliar with it ( my bad!). It relates to one of the coolest ( I think) sites on the internet…Pinterest! What the heck is it you ask? AMAZING, I answer.

OK really it’s an online bulletin board where you can “pin” (aka bookmark) all the great things you find while visiting your favorite blogs and websites! But I already use bookmarks you say. Yes, but this allows you to pin pictures much like you would to a memo board as well as create multiple boards. For example, I have an “Inspiring Ideas To Try” board:
Inspiring Ideas Board
And a "Recipes To Try" Board:
Recipes To Try Board
Along with others for Grad Party Ideas, Printables, etc. You can group your pins however you want and you can add a tool to your bookmarks bar so that when you’re on a blog or site with something you want to pin, you click on that tool : Pin It and you can pin from wherever you are.

Your pins will always capture the source location so you can go back to wherever you originally found the idea from your pin board. But wait…there’s more!

You can also follow your favorite bloggers pinboards! So when they find something super cool you can re-pin it to your own board and those who follow you can do the same. You don’t have to follow someone in order to re-pin a pin. But wait…there’s more more!

As soon as you’ve pinned something to a board, you can Tweet it or post it to Facebook with a single click! OK I’m letting my Geek flag fly a little here but I think it’s pretty cool.

I knew zippo about it before I started pinning so I’ve learned through trial and error. I’m sure there’s tons I don’t know! You do need an invite so the first 6 people who comment that they want invites ( leave your email if it’s not linked to your blog!) I’ll send invites to! It’s all free and I’m sharing it because I love playing with it…nothing more!