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Monday, September 7, 2020

Quilled Sugar Skulls


Happy Labor Day where I hope you're all getting a day to rest. My quilling adventures continue! Living in the Southwest and in what was formerly Mexico, it's no surprise that Mexican cultural influences are everywhere, for example Sugar Skulls. I decided to interpret them into my quilling! 

I'd also been curious about cutting my own quilling papers. There are tons of sources for actual quilling papers but many quillers also like to cut their own. What I learned is that you want to make sure you use papers that are dyed through and through so that you don't end up w/ white edges when you  make your coils. You also want the right weight. I took a chance on Astrobrights paper and it's PERFECT.

  • Astrobrights Paper
  • Paper Trimmer or Cutting Knife ( XActo, Huskie, etc.)  
  • Glue ( I use Aleene's Turbo Tacky and Elmers)
  • Quilling Tool

I used the "Spectrum" pack which as you can see has tons of colors! I used my cutting knife and ruler and cut several colors in 1/2 inch strips. I like the depth that this width gives me in finished projects. I also cut my skull image on my Cricut Explore. This is the basis of your project, that you'll outline w/one strip and create a border to fill in. 

Like Makers are known to do,  we can find our tools anywhere from home improvement stores to the office supply aisle or office supply store. Binder clips are my friend! I use them to anchor stringing projects when making jewelry to keep the beads from falling off to, as you can see here, holding my cut strips together! 

I cut two skull images per skull and layer them using foam tape. I like the depth but you can use just one layer. Once your strips are cut, all you need is your imagination. Make your coils in various shapes or all the same shape and you're off! 

For this one, I went with a combination of leaf green, turquoise, black and white. You can fill in as much or as little of the open space. 

I filled this one completely. 

For this one, I went with a bunch of colors (this one ended up completely filled as well). 

This one, I left toothless :) 

As you can see, I had a lot of fun playing with color combinations and of course, I had to do one in my go to comfort zone of black and white ( cream ). I haven't yet decided if they're going on cards, or will become a wreath or a banner. 

"Las Calaveras"