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Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Guessed The Mystery Thing!! Thanks Mich in L.A.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about then you don't follow Mich in L.A. ( and of course you SHOULD!). Michelle is a jewelry maker who lives in L.A. ( Los Angeles L.A. not LA Louisiana) who astounds and confounds me with her ability to take the most ordinary things and transform them into jewelry. She hosts a recurring series on her blog called "Guess The Mystery Thing" where readers are invited to try and figure out what the heck she used to make a piece of jewelry. And I won the last one!!!!

It came in the mail yesterday and I love it. Wanna see?
I got the black one and Mr. Chocolate was w/ me when I opened up the package and he said "that is cool". Compliments from Mr. Chocolate are high praise. When you get them, you done GOOD. Take a bow Mich.

So do you know what it is? No? OK I won't make you guess: Chess pieces! Pawns to be exact. And, Mich has a tute up on how she did this so go check it out: Chess Pawn Pendant Tute
Mich in L.A. 

Thanks again Michelle! I love it!