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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Faux Metal Marquee Letters

Faux Metal Marquee Letters

A few weeks ago I picked up some of the Heidi Swapp “Marquee Love” letters at Michaels when they were 50% off. I chose our initials and the ampersand symbol, but between not having much creating time lately and not being able to decide whether I wanted to paint, glitter, or paper the letters they’ve been sitting here staring at me. I finally had time and made a decision that I would paint them and go for a galvanized metal look. I've seen real metal  galvanized marquee letters for over $100 each and while yes would they be wonderful to have....not for that price! 

For this project you will need:
  • Heidi Swapp Marquee Love letter kit …each box contains a letter, a template to use if you’re going to use paper , light string and bulb covers
  • Acrylic paint (  I used Folk Art Steel Gray)
  • AAA batteries
Heidi Swapp Marquee Love

The letters come with holes in them so you can place the lights evenly. There’s also an instruction sheet to help you place the letters in the right order.

Painted Marquee Letters

Paint the letters. I used two coats of the Steel Gray and didn’t worry about covering evenly since I wanted a distressed metal look. Once your letters are dry, flip over and place your lights. Each letter comes with a guide sheet so you get them in the right order.

Marquee Love Lights

Once you have the lights placed, flip over and attach the light covers.

Marquee Love Light Covers


I think they look great lit or unlit and the battery holder has an easy on and off switch.

Faux Metal Marquee Letters 1 

The letters retail for $12.99 each but with them being on sale I was able to get all three for under $20 which is far less than real metal letters would have cost.

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