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Saturday, April 2, 2011

I’ve Been Challenged to A Duel!

Mich in LA slapped my face! Sure she looks all innocent in that pic!

OK she didn’t actually, physically, smack my face…she’s way too cool for that. But she did challenge me! YIKES. Have you seen her creativity and her series on “Guess The Mystery Thing”? I hid under my bed.

When I emerged wearing my big girl pants, I agreed. I can take the public humiliation! That’s why there’s chocolate right?! This was actually the brainchild of another fun blogger, Michele from Michele Made Me ( there’s a theme!) . It’s called “Make It Good”

a two person, recycling craft challenge. The challenge rules can be found here but basically, you are issued a theme and a required element and the rest is up to you! Our theme was Industrial Architecture and the required element was…………bread tags! You know, those plastic square tags that keep your bread bags closed?

After almost giving in to chickening out, I started looking around at images of Industrial Architecture and kept coming back to old abandoned factories. So I found an image in my PrintShop Deluxe program that I thought I’d use. I also looked around my craft room and my eyes landed on an empty container in my stash along with some aluminum tape from the electrical aisle at the HW store.
I covered my bread tags in the aluminum tape because in my head they became “bricks” to go on my “building”.

For the box itself, I covered it first w/ white contact paper and I roughed it up a bit with an emery board to make it more Industrial. I went around the bottom half with some decorative tape I’ve used on other projects.

I applied some of the aluminum tape to a scrap piece of cardboard ( cereal box) and ran that through my Cuttlebug using Tim Holtz’ Texture Fades ( Dot Matrix and Gridlock) embossing folder. Tore pieces of that up and applied to the box.
This is the top of the box with a closeup of the grunged aluminum strip. Covered the top of the box with the aluminum tape. I went around the top edge of the box w/ a K&Co adhesive scrapbook border.
I took the image from my PrintShop program and made it a negative and aged it. Printed it out, covered it with clear packing tape, added photo corners, and adhered to the container.

So there’s my Industrial Architecture Bread Tag Using challenge submission! And now for the scariest part.....I link here to Michelle's project and invite you to go visit.  We’ll now await her, and your judgment!