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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Craft Therapy: Crocheted Wrap

First, thanks so much for all the thoughts, prayers, and well wishes for my Mom. After a couple of stressful and hectic weeks, she’s back home recovering nicely and I was able to fly back home yesterday.

Being a crafty person who is used to having several projects in process at once, and spending long hours sitting in a hospital does not a great combination make. Thankfully there’s crochet which is portable, productive, comforting and not something I always have time to do.

Crocheted Wrap

On the way home from the hospital the night I arrived to see my mom, yes…I stopped at Michaels!

What can I say? It’s a comforting place for me. I wandered the aisles looking for nothing in particular and then saw this yarn by Loops and Threads in Lavender Blues. Bingo. The Mumster’s always cold ( even living in Arizona!) so I decided I’d make her a wrap.

Lavender Blues Wrap

Pretty basic. The yarn is very textured so I just did a single crochet stitch. Something I could do without thinking while Mom was napping.

Loopes and Threads Wrap

The store I was closest to didn’t have enough yarn so when I needed more , thanks to my Michaels iPhone app, not only could I find another store but even get directions to get there and a coupon right on my phone!

It’s great to be back home, but it’s better to know that the Mumster is home and doing great!

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