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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Party Favor Idea

You might remember the votive candles I made for my son’s graduation party. I was always planning on them being part of something else to give to guests but wasn’t sure what. Then in the midst of all the graduation frenzy, my son went to a birthday dinner and came home with the inspiration! Mini-bottles of sparkling cider!
Grad Party Favors
So simple and yet never thought of it. Won’t even go into how I should have looked first at the grocery store I go to three times a week and how I convinced myself I had to go to a specialty grocery store or five before looking in my own backyard. Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) was right. Anyway…
I decided to put one bottle of cider, one candle, and then made these:
Gold Star PB Cups (2)
Homemade peanut butter cups but this time with edible gold stars! I did these in gold foil cupcake liners. I put one peanut butter cup in a plain 3x3 box:
Grad Party Favors (3) 
And sealed each box with decorative packaging tape. I had some monogramed tape from Michaels that I bought for $1. Perfect! I put the PB cup, candle and a bottle of cider in a cello bag with a little white and gold paper shred and tied each with a gold bow.
Grad Party Favors (5)
Grad Party Favors (4)
I thought this was a fun and pretty simple idea you could adapt for a lot of occasions. Anniversaries, birthdays, showers….
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Graduation Party Favors: Votive Candles

Grad Votive Red Label
So…I was trying to think of what party favors I could do for our family gathering to mark our son’s HS graduation. I was perusing the internet and saw some votive candles…an idea I loved because you can always use another votive, but they were $3 each which was more than  I wanted to spend.
I knew Michaels had these:
Clear glass votive holders, 16 pc for $7.99 ( $4.79 w/ 40% coupon) .
While wandering through the wedding aisle, I found these great print yourself votive wrappers for $4.99 for a sheet of 25 ( $2.99 w/40% discount that you have to make a separate trip through the checkout line to use but it’s worth it to me so I did). That just gives me more $$ to spend at Michaels!
These are really easy to use because you go to the Gartner Studios website and download a template you can edit in Word that’s sized / spaced to fit the blank spot on your wrapper. Before I printed the actual votive wrappers, I printed mine out on a blank piece of paper and layered a sheet of the votive wraps over it just to make sure I got the spacing right.
They come perforated for you so you can just print and tear. They also come with double sided adhesive to secure them to your votive.
Our school colors are red and gold / red and yellow so I put some gold bag stuffing whatchamacallit in a clear cello bag, tied with red or yellow ribbon and then attached a little “graduation cap” tag.
Grad Votives
Grad Votive Red
For the tags, I started out with a great printable that Diane at Pittypat Paperie created:
and added a laurel wreath and diploma to it. For the original, please go visit Diane to download! At less than $1 per votive, I like my price!

Oh and Michaels has the motherlode of coupons this week: Motherlode Of Michaels Coupons
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