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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Gift Making: Framed Snowglobe


We live in a town small enough to see the same people regularly. We always go to the same Checker at the grocery store and every Friday we get takeout from our local Mexican restaurant. The owners live in our development, and when I call our order in (we are creatures of habit get the same thing each week) it's only a confirmation of "the usual". So I like to make a little something during the holiday season and this year, I saw something similar and knew what I'd make: A Framed Snowglobe!

  • Plastic Ornament that comes in two halves. Craft stores, Dollar Tree etc. 
  • Frame
  • Scrapbook Papers
  • Mini Ornaments
  • Misc Embellishments/Fillers

I cut the snowglobe base from aqua glitter cardstock and then a scallop circle and panel from Christmas scrapbook paper. 

I cut the Christmas paper to fit the frame (5x7) put the glass back in and put the backing back on the frame. This is a great project to use up things you may have from other projects or things that you picked up because they were cute and hadn't used yet, but I repeat myself. I found these cute tree ornaments at Walmart and had some stocking stickers in my stash!

I attached the scallop circle to the glitter background with foam tape to give it just a little dimension.Then I filled the ornament half with faux snow, seasonal sequins, and a couple of jingle bells. 

Then I went about constructing my snowglobe. The best part is, since you're only using half of each ornament you can make twice as many!

I had some mirrored snowflake rhinestones in my stash so I added one as a tree topper with another tiny rhinestone in the middle. The stockings were stickers from a previous year's cards. 

You'll be working upside down here. Run a line of hot glue around the edge of the ornament then flip your layered snowglobe over and attach. You have a few seconds to align if needed and don't worry if there are spots where the glue isn't totally attached. You may have a couple of things slip out if they're tiny like the very small red sequins but no worries! 

To finish (and to really make sure your contents stay in) run hot glue around the edge and attach a coordinating pipecleaner! TIP: Do this in small sections at a time so you can make sure your pipecleaner is good and stuck! Once that's done, use some hot glue to attach your completed snowglobe atop your frame!

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