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Monday, March 29, 2021

Dollar Tree Crafting: Easy Twine Carrot Wreath


You never know what you'll find at The Dollar Tree. And if you're me, when you do find things, you may not know exactly what you're going to do with what you do find until you do! I found these twine carrots when they first started putting out Easter stuff and was not sure what I was going to do with them but they were the kind of thing you just pick up, because. 


  • Twine Carrots (You could do this with plastic or fabric carrots as well) I used 3 pkgs
  • Small Wire Wreath Frame (8 inch)
  • Ribbon 
  • Glue gun and glue sticks

I save good ribbon such as this twill ribbon that a beautiful new blanket Mr. Chocolate gave me for Christmas was wrapped in. Who knows when it will come in handy? 

The first step was to wrap the wire frame. I love these smaller 8 inch wreath frames that Dollar Tree carries and they come in packs of 2!

I anchored the ribbon with a dab of hot glue, wrapped the frame, and then secured with another dab of hot glue. 

Then I added my carrots, making sure that the tips all aligned as I went around. 

I knew I should have bought one more package because as you can see, I didn't have enough to go all the way around. No worries. I had leftover ribbon so I just made a bow to fill the gap. I didn't bother to iron the ribbon because I figured since the carrot tops were not perfect, the bow shouldn't be either. I like that it looks vintagey and old. 

And done! I have this empty frame on my cement accent wall in my office that I like to put seasonal accents in so that's where this is. 

Et, Voila! 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dollar Store Decor: Chalkboard JOY Sign

Chalkboard JOY Tray

Sometimes you have a project in mind and you go in search of the supplies. Other times, you pick up something for your stash knowing that you’ll use it someday. And yet other times, you stumble upon something that gives you the spark to use stuff you already had on hand (because you picked it up knowing you'd use it someday) .  I know I'm not alone.

For this project you will need:
  • “Silver” oval tray from Dollar Tree
  • Chalkboard paint (I used Martha Stewart)
  • Chalk
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue
I have a few of these Dollar Tree silver trays in my stash. I mean they’re $1 so they're useful for something right? Maybe even to serve food.

Dollar Tree SIlver Tray

What I didn’t have (and still don’t know what they’re for) are the mini silver trays that coordinate. Tea bag holders? Dunno. I stumbled upon them at an antique store and for a few dollars, thought “there’s a project here somewhere and oh hey, tray stash at home” which turned out to be adding some additional decorations to my dining room for Christmas.

First the big tray:
Chalkboard Painted Tray

Paint the inside of the tray with chalkboard paint. Let dry completely between coats. I did three coats. I also learned by the third coat that a foam brush works better than a bristle brush. The instructions said to let the paint cure for at least 24 hours. Patient crafting is not my thing but I did it.

Chalkboard Conditioned Tray

To condition your chalkboard before you write anything on it, cover the surface with chalk. This is a good way to let your inner child out. Especially if you’re in a bad mood. Scribble that mood away! Wipe the surface with a clean cloth then do your thing.  I kept it simple and just wrote JOY. I’ll probably change it to 2014 for New Year’s. See…d├ęcor mileage!

Hot glued gold ribbon the the back and made a bow and glued it to the front and washi taped it to two pictures in our dining room. 

Holiday Lampshade

Holiday Decor Lamps

I decided that the mini trays would be a fun way to decorate our dining room light fixture. This is one of those idea that make Mr. Chocolate say “ What goes in in that head? " This is also when I know he likes a project.

Process is the same only after I conditioned my chalkboard, I used a paint pen to write the words. Glued a satin ribbon the back of each and then tied to each of the six lamps on my fixture.

Mini Chalkboard Trays

I could also see these as place cards, or buffet food markers or used to embellish a glass jar candle….or yep that’s what goes on in this head. Of course I have no idea what they’re supposed to be used for and no intention of finding out!

Since I already had the paint and chalk on hand, cost was around $5.

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