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Thursday, July 8, 2010

How Could I NOT Blog About This?

Giveaway: Chocolate Bliss Cookbook & Nielsen-Massey Vanilla. 

Hello? You've seen my blog name? Happy Happy Joy Joy! Over at BLOMMI's site ( which is the combination of blogger and mommy ...genius!) she's hosting a giveaway for this incredible book which yours truly would have absolutely no use for (you didn't really fall for that part did you?) :

 and a bottle of Nielsen&Massey Vanilla which is to bakers what 12 year old scotch is to those who appreciate that stuff.  With Nielsen&Massey Vanilla you can make things like this: 

Yes, I did that to you. If I suffer, you suffer! So head on over to BLOMMI's blog and check out the details how you can win this for me, er um, I mean win this for yourself ! G'head...I linked it for you and everything.