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Friday, April 15, 2011

BFF#16: Charm Bracelet Diva

This week’s BFF is Kathleen from the blog Charm Bracelet Diva.

Despite her blog name, she’s not a diva at all at least not in the celebutante / rockstar kind of way! No, she’s  a diva in the sense that she rocks her charm bracelet designs, finding and incorporating vintage pieces with new materials making each one unique and beautiful. Every single one is a work of art.

I have to include this bracelet called “Divatude” not only because I love the name and  it’s stunning, but it has a chocolate feel to it !
Or this gorgeous piece in which she included a vintage brooch:
Or her entire collection of Irish Dance Charm Bracelets :
But while her jewelry creations are brilliant, so are her non-jewelry creations. Check out this elegant  monogram pillow:
Humble materials, transformed into an elegant accent piece that goes so well with this upcycled chalkboard tray:
You have to see what this started out as! And of course, with my affinity for altering pillared prayer candles, I can’t help but love these:
Not only is Kathleen’s place a visual treat due to her talented creations, but her blog space is calming and inviting and she’s a wonderfully supportive blogger! Do go visit!