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Friday, April 1, 2011

BFF# 14: The Tattered Tag

Happy Friday and welcome to another :
BFF Button
This week’s featured blogger is Christina from her blog The Tattered Tag:
The Tattered Tag
 I love how she describes her blog so I’m going to let her do it:
The Tattered Tag is my reverie, allowing me to share my homespun charms (crafts) and reclaimed treasures (great junk) with the world because my husband will not allow me to keep it all to myself, stashed in our garage.
I can relate! She’s a busy lady, making and showing her own projects, running an Etsy shop, promoting other bloggers, hosting a weekly link party
The Tattered Tag
She’s so supportive and leaves the nicest comments for those who link up. But her own creations are also creative and equally thoughtful. Like this gift “basket” she put together from recycled coffee bottles and the container they came in:
Complete with seed packets and soil from her own garden. Oh yes, she gardens too!
Or this adorable upcycled cookie tin, transformed for Easter:
I share her love for taking simple found objects, transforming and incorporating them into her d├ęcor. Like this Autumn display she did:
for which I have to show two pictures. The daytime version which is lovely on its own and the nighttime version :
which is so quietly elegant. She’s also got a whole section of her blog devoted to baking and cooking where she blends her craftiness with delicious concoctions like:

this “making me hungry” cinnamon sugar bread. You will not guess what it’s baked in, so you’ll have to go visit Christina to find out!