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Monday, April 21, 2014

1920's "Boardwalk Empire" Inspired Necklace and Bracelet

1920's Inspired Necklace

I don’t know about you, but I get inspiration from all kinds of places. For example, watching HBO’s Boardwalk Empire which I binge watched recently. The show is set in the 1920s and while there’s a lot about the era I’m glad we’ve moved past, I do swoon over some of the fashions of the time. (Not the bathing suits!)

1920's Inspired Necklace Focal

Lots of long necklaces with wonderful beads and filigrees to go with all those great flapper dresses. Hats! I really do wish hats were still more of a thing.

Brilliant me, I thought I’d uploaded the pics with the supplies and the steps for this necklace and so deleted them from my camera. Uh-oh.

I used a combination of bright and antique gold chains, champagne colored glass pearls, and gold and cream “beaded beads” for lack of a better descriptor. All supplies are from Blue Moon Beads ( I am a Design Team Member) .

1920's Inspired Necklace

I built this necklace around this antique gold feather pendant and chose gold chains with amber rhinestones for one side of the necklace, and made sections of pearl and gold chain for the other side.
1920's Inspired Bracelet

I threw rules away and used bright gold, antique gold, all kinds of gold tones figuring that truly vintage items patina at their own pace. 

What’s a necklace without a bracelet? For the bracelet, I used a combination of chains and then a made a center cluster of the same beads from the necklace.

1920's Inspired Bracelet Focal

Now, off to look for a fabulous cloche style hat!

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