Tuesday, January 23, 2024

First Sublimation Project


I know I'm late to this trend but I'm here now! I played with my new Brother Sublimation printer that I got for Christmas and I'm hooked! I'm probably not going to invest in a mug or tumbler press at least I don't think so...we'll see. 

For my first project, I wanted to keep it simple and useful. After getting my printer set up which was a breeze BTW, I needed something to make so I ordered a package of small bags from Amazon. In reading up on Sublimation, it's important to make sure you use things designed specifically for sublimation which these were. 

  • Sublimation Blank, I used bags from Amazon
  • Sublimation Paper, I used the paper that came with the printer
  • Image, I designed in Procreate then imported into the Brother Artspira app
  • Heat Press

These are the bags I ordered from Amazon...10 for $8.99. They came with instructions about what temp to set the heat press which was great! 390 degrees.

I pressed the bag first to make sure there weren't any wrinkles. I'd designed the image in Procreate or you can use any graphics design program. Then imported into the Brother Artspira app and printed on sublimation paper.  

The Artspira app automatically mirrors your print. If you've printed using a different application, make sure you mirror before printing. This is hard to see because the ink is on the underside and this is the back. 

It didn't come out as vibrant as the printed image. I read afterwards that sublimation printing needs pressure on the heat press so I'm learning as I go! But even with a more faded look, I'm happy! This will work great for chargers and cords for travel. Another thing I'm going to try with the next project is using some sublimation spray I got after making this. It is supposed to help deepen the colors of the sublimated image by giving it more to stick to. 

This is the printer I got as well as some of the additional supplies!

Stay tuned! 
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Artsy VaVa said...

Love the design you created. I have a feeling you'll end up with a mug press! You're going to have so much fun with your new toy.

Stephanie said...

I love what you created. What a great gift as well.