Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Halloween Decor: Jeweled Tarot Card Halloween Tree Skirt


I've been teasing this Halloween Tree Skirt and I'm finally done. I didn't start out with the intent that it would end up as bejeweled as it did but I love it! I found this Tarot Card fabric on clearance at JoAnn for an additional 50% off and I think the total cost ended up at $3. The felt and polar fleece I used, I had on hand, as well as the purple jewels. 

  • Black Felt (On Hand)
  • Purple Polar Fleece (On Hand. You could also use felt)
  • Tarot Card Flannel (JoAnn)
  • Coordinating Jewels (Michaels)
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Dimensional Glue for Rhinestones (Ranger Glossy Accents)

Kind of like how I cook, I sometimes don't measure twice, cut once like we're supposed to. So I folded my felt in fourths, drew an arc, and cut a circle, approximating the size I wanted. Likewise witht he purple triangles. I ended up using 15 of these. I thought I was going to use the fabric glue shown in this photo to apply both the triangles and appliques from the Tarot Card fabric but I ended up using hot glue for the triangles and iron on interfacing for the Tarot Cards. 

I cut out a horizontal panel of the cards, ironed them to the adhesive, then trimmed. This way the appliques hold their shape better and you don't get fraying of the fabric. I used the placement of the triangles to eyeball the placement of the appliques and ironed them on. 

I had a package of purple gems from a prior project and at first, I thought I was just going to put them on the corners of the cards. Then I went all the way around one and thought I'd maybe just do every other one all the way around. And then I did ALL of them all the way around. 

Of course after doing that, I decided I needed to do the neck (at least that's what I call it because tree skirts remind me of capes so this part would be on the neck and there you have my brain). 

I'm putting up my tree later in the week but can you tell my color palette? I finished up by adding some of the jewels to select spots on some of the cards. Eyes, and as you can see here, the spiders. 

I also added one gem to each of the points but don't think I wasn't tempted to do the tops too. Still am but Mr. Chocolate already thinks I'm off my rocker. Just need to spot press some places with my travel iron and oops, just now noticed some fuzz on one spot there but too lazy to re-take the pic!

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