Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Home Decor: Shades of Blue DIY Wall Art


See? Not everything I'm working on lately is black! With a lot of wall space to cover and not trying to break the bank buying art for it, I continue on my DIY Wall Art journey. Our master bathroom has blue cabinets which are a nice contrast to the gray tile on the floor and in the shower. I decided to do a new painting to tie the two together. 

  • 36x48 Canvas (Michaels)
  • Acrylic paints in shades of White, Silver, Blue
  • Paint Scraper and Brushes 

My "easel" is a folding card table that works perfectly for these larger canvases. There was no master plan here. I started by painting a section of white, then blending in two different shades of silver. FOr the "water" effect, I did dots of blues and white and then dragged through the paint with a paint scraper. 

For the center of the painting I did a deep blue that coordinated with the color of our cabinets, then did the reverse order of the silvers to white using a wide paintbrush. 

Coincidentally, I'd done a couple of blue-themed paintings before we bought this house that fit perfectly into this room. 

The toilet is situated in its own area so this is in that "room". I'd also previously done this Acrylic Paint Pour canvas which also works in this room! 

I must have been psychic because both of the pieces I did before we even found this house remind me of the fluidity of water so they're perfect for this bathroom. 

No Galleries will be calling to offer me a show, but I'm happy with my DIY Artwork and my biggest fan, Mr. Chocolate, is too! 

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