Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Craft Room Reveal


I've never really posted a "Craft Room Reveal" mostly because mine have been a combination work from home office and craft room and usually when I've moved I haven't had the time to be really intentional about it. I've also been intimidated by all of the gorgeous rooms I see on other people's blogs and Pinterest.  But since I'm retired now I wanted to take the opportunity to make it special and even though I have a couple of things I still want to do ( eg replace or cover the desk chair shown), here 'tis and I'm really happy with it!  I have a dedicated space for both my Cricut  Explore and my Cameo, as well as a desk to hold my sewing machine. 

I'm really happy with this wall that features the oversized floral wreath I shared last week (and yes, I'm still going to do a tutorial on the coffee filter flowers!) along with a couple of paint poured canvases and Quilling projects I did. 

We had these racks elsewhere in our previous house and I knew we wouldn't need them here so I claimed them for my paper stacks and they fit great against the wall as shown.

My desk, which at some point I want to paint, now only has to hold one laptop instead of my personal and work laptops so yay...more room when I'm papercrafting etc. 

My paper punches and Washi tapes were previously thrown in a couple of  baskets but I love them on display with easy access that doesn't require me to paw through the punches to find the right one! We had two shelf units that used to hold other things that we realized we no longer needed and were Goodwill bound when I realized hmmm I could maybe use them. The other one holds my Funko Pop collections. 

I have all of my jewelry making stuff in storage containers that now all fit together on a shelf in the closet with another shelf holding what Mr. Chocolate calls "Michaels Annex" but you know...we all need extra supplies right? And on either side I have shelves and was able to fit a dresser that holds more "stash". 

The best part of all? I didn't spend a penny on anything new and was able to use things we had to get a look I'm very happy with. 


Our Hopeful Home said...

I love this! Organized and pretty, too! I always feel so much more relaxed when things are all in their place (doesn't happen often lol). Have fun in your lovely craft room:) xo Kathleen

Helen said...

What a great space!