Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Never Too Old For Disneyland: DIY Park Looks

I realize I haven't posted an actual project in FOREVER but between constant work re-orgs that make my day job feel like the movie "Groundhog Day" , a new puppy, and  my asthma deciding it doesn't like the desert, well... you get the picture! 

Things have stabilized and we're off to Disneyland! We've gone every few years since we got engaged. I know there was a recent kerfluffle on social media by someone deciding Disney parks are not for people w/out kids and well, not trying to start something but, says who?  Last time we went we met several other couples who, like us, went before kids, with kids, and now as empty nesters. 

I've never planned out Disney looks but "thanks Pinterest".  There are SO many ideas for cute park looks, DIY ears etc. that being a maker, I was going to make SOMETHING!  

I may have gotten a little carried away. This post is a combination of : DIY ears I made ; ears I embellised ; accessories to go with. We'll start with the ones I made inspired by the movie "Up" which we love. 

DIY "Up" Inspired Ears: 

For this project I used: 

  • Pre-made "mouse" ears ( Amazon, $10.75 for a package of 12)
  • Felt ( Jo-Ann)
  • Metallic pom-poms ( Jo-Ann)
  • Sequins (Jo-Ann)
  • Hot Glue (on hand)
  • Cardboard (on hand) 
The ears I ordered from Amazon are smaller in circumference than the official ears. There are tutorials that show you how to make completely from scratch ; ones that show you how to embellish pre-made ears or, you can do what I did which was kinda combine the two. 

Using a school compass I cut a 3 inch circle on stiff cardboard and 3.25 inch circles from felt. Arc the cardboard circle as shown. I just kinda winged it. You need a total of 4 ( 2 sides for each ear)

Use hot glue to cover the cardboard, pinching as you go as shown. It's like making dumplings! Once  covered,  hot glue to the ears on the headband. 

Doesn't matter if your ears aren't perfectly arc'd because you'll embellish. Plus for me, I have a lot of hair in which they'll "nest" lol.  You will have a gap since you've made a sandwich of ear piece, existing ear ( this provides some heft) ear piece. No worries. That's where the pom-poms come in. Hot glue these around each ear kind of tucking them in the space between the top and bottom ear pieces. I did one side to represent clouds against the sky and one to represent the balloons from the movie. The bow is also made from felt. Not content to stop there, I made some jewelry to go with. 

I had so much fun, I made a pair of Halloween ears since the park will be completely decorated for Halloween while we're there!

Silver and black fabric (Jo-Ann) and black pom-poms. 

These ears I had but I took off the bow they came with, made a black organza bow and burnt edge flower, and them made some jewelry that works for  The Haunted Mansion, Halloween / Day of the Dead and that I'll be able to wear in October. 

I also had some silver ears from a prior trip ( I may have an ear problem) and since I wear so much black I made some all purpose "Mickey" jewelry. The Mickey beads are ones I had from a previous trip. The other beads are from Michaels. Hello my name is Carol and I may have a jewelry making problem. 

And yep, I'll still probably buy another pair of ears. In fact, I'm counting on it lol. 

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