Monday, April 2, 2018

Yes, I Remember I Have A Blog...Why I've Been MIA

After a lifetime spent in the Pacific Northwest, I am now a desert dweller in the Phoenix AZ area! Needless to say, with getting ready to do a massive interstate move, I have not had a lot of creative time and not sure when that is going to resume. 

Like a lot of people, we're part of the generation seeing our parents get older . My mom aka "The Mumster" moved here several years ago and we've loved visiting her each year and for several of those years she came up for holidays etc.  And while she's in good health overall, we will all reach an age where some health concerns come up and she's had a couple of ER trips that I would really rather have been here for. Mr. Chocolate has had itchy feet for a while so it took no convincing on his part to move, and work, while crazy, is portable so that's good. While we figure out where we want to ultimately settle, and while we get some things settled for The Mumster, we're going to stay with her. I brought my InstaPot and she's excited to see why I love it so much. 

Space is limited right now so I don't have a dedicated craft room but did bring some core supplies with me. I know I'll be focusing on lettering and jewelry since those don't require lots of space! 

Looking forward to finding some new creative places. I already have some favorite bead stores from our visits here and can't wait to visit them. And I haven't set foot in Michaels or JoAnns in more than a month so even if I don't buy anything I can't wait to explore some new stores. 

I'm excited as well because I know a lot of shows and conferences come this way...moreso I think than the Seattle area, so I have lots of ways to keep the creative inspiration flowing. I know Tim Holtz lives in AZ so he may find me stalking him lol. Just kidding. Mostly. 

If you're a Phoenix area creative, let me know! 



Artsy VaVa said...

Good luck with the move! Having lost both of my parents, I know how important it is to be near them as they get older.

San said...

I understand the need to be closer to family! Hope you settle in nicely!