Monday, February 12, 2018

Flu and Virus Season Printables

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Having had a trip to the ER last week due to a virus, I'm here to tell you that cold / flu / virus / bug season is no joke. As with most things though, if  I can't snark my way through it, I can't get through it. 

Fortunately things are on the upswing but have not had the interest or energy in making much, but did come up with some printables to share! 

I'm not paranoid but considering taking a small can of Lysol with me when I leave the house! 

It's not personal but if you so much as cough or sneeze in my general direction, I'm going the other way! 

The  most basic preventative thing all of us can do and probably don't do enough, even at home. 

Click on each image to bring to full size, and right click to Save As. 

Hope you are all holding up and staying healthy!! 

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