Monday, November 28, 2016

Dollar Tree Tree Topper

I decided I wanted a new Christmas Tree Topper this year for no reason other than I did, and makers make right? 

I was originally looking for the kind that have the coil thingy and went to Dollar Tree looking for one to use as a base but they didn't have any. But, makers make right? We also have to adapt and improvise so that's what I did. 

  • 2 Gold Glittered Dollar Tree Star Ornaments (Large)
  • Toilet Paper roll...yep...toilet paper roll
  • Gold duct tape 
  • Gold and Black glitter vinyl (scraps in stash)
  • Large bottle cap ( I had in my stash )
  • Gold wire
  • Hot glue and glue gun

Cost: $2 since I had everything on hand except the Star Ornaments

I covered the  toilet paper roll with duct tape. Using my Silhouette I cut the gold glitter vinyl to fit inside bottlecap and cut the number "25" from black glitter vinyl.  The number works especially well this year since we celebrated our 25th Anniversary earlier in the year but obviously also works for the date of Christmas! 

Now in the spirit of radical honesty, this part didn't go totally as planned. If you look really closely at the bottlecap, you can see the grid lines from the transfer tape because I layered the numbers after I put the circle of vinyl inside the bottlecap. I should have done this before I put the circle in the bottlecap which would have made it easier to get the transfer tape off. At least that's what I'm telling myself. So since I couldn't get the transfer tape off without screwing up my numbers and a lot of swearing, I left the transfer tape on and it looks like ledger paper or something. At least that's what I'm telling myself! 

I marked the toilet paper roll where I was going to glue the stars ( front and back) but to make this contraption sturdier, I used some jewelry wire to secure the two stars together at the top and right and left sides. Then I glued my oopsy bottlecap to the front and done. 

Since I'm just taking down Thanksgiving and we won't get our tree until Friday, I can't show it to you atop a tree but here it is atop the mantle. 

This was my Thanksgiving mantle which I never posted so "Happy After Thanksgiving"!  I update my chalkboard for each holiday but I'm kinda thinking I'll leave this sentiment through Christmas since PhD boy ( man...he's a man...but that doesn't sound the same) comes home on Friday for a month!!! Not that I'm excited or anything. 

I've been practicing my lettering too! 


Michelle L. said...

That gold toilet paper tube is brilliant, and the whole topper is gorgeous! Leetle mistakes matter not - I adore it!

srpprcrftr said...

Have to agree with previous commentor, toilet paper roll covered with gold vinyl is brilliant in more ways than one, so pretty. How do you figure out these incredible projects?
Love your sense of humor and honesty, very refreshing.Always have chuckle reading your blog posts.
I marvel at how you figure out how to make things pretty or prettier.
Your sign is perfect, very meaningful, keep it up somewhere all year. Your lettering is great, doesn't have to be perfect to say what you want it to. You'd have a chuckle yourself if you saw my lettering, aaarrrggghhh.
Hope you're having wonderful week.

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