Monday, December 1, 2014

Pottery Barn Merry Christmas Knockoff

Pottery Barn Merry Christmas Knockoff

I think I’m one of the last people in the world or at least in the blogosphere who doesn’t decorate for Christmas until December. The first weekend in December has always been our tradition. Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t work on some things before that!

Everyone’s favorite place to find knock off ideas, Pottery Barn, had this very cool and very expensive “Merry Christmas” sign. I think it was $99 and it’s also no longer available.

Loved everything about it except did I mention the price and that it’s no longer available? And theirs was 30x30 which would have been too big anyway.

So, doing what all creative bloggers do, I went looking to see if any like minded creative types had already created a printable and voila, Kristy from The Diary of Dave’s Wife had done just that.  Because she’s awesome you can get the printable from her for free and she’s also got a project idea you should check out.  Thank you Kristy!

For my version you will need:
  • 12x12 frame  (re-purposed one I had on hand)
  • Red craft paints ( I used red and glitter red by Martha Stewart)
  • Printable
  • 12x12 black scrapbook paper
  • Chalk

I started with my plain frame:

Pottery Barn Knockoff Sign Frame

and gave it a couple of coats of flat red and a couple of coats of the glitter red paints.

Pottery Barn Sign Knockoff Painted

I don’t have a 12x12 printer (and was too impatient to send the printable somewhere that prints 12x12 prints) so I sized it as big as I could (8.5x8.5) and printed it out. Still, I needed to fill my 12x12 frame so lightbulb moment, mounted it on some 12x12 scrapbook paper. To make it blend, I chalked up the black scrapbook paper background:

Pottery Barn Knockoff Sign Background

Just rubbed a piece of chalk all over like you would to prime a chalkboard.  Then I trimmed my printable and did the same thing to it:

Pottery Barn Knockoff Sign Printable

Centered and taped it to my primed background and done and done.

Pottery Barn Merry Christmas Knockoff

Cost to me: $0. I like my price!

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