Friday, April 8, 2011

BFF#15: homework…today’s assignment : be inspired

Yay! Not only is it Friday which is a yay in and of itself, but it’s also another Blog Feature Friday. And I’m not assigning you all homework, that’s the name of the blog I’m sharing with you today. The blogger behind homework is Carolyn, someone who is a constant source of inspiration.
Elegant is the word that always comes to mind when I visit Carolyn’s blog. Purposeful is another. She combines ordinary materials into beautiful creations, frequently recycling and repurposing things. For example this Craft Favor Party Bag, composed of bits and pieces that all of us might have leftover but when combined and given to a party guest provides them with the tools to make their own creations.
Or this gorgeous gift box that started out as, well you’ll just have to go visit her to find that out!
It may have something to do with a funny bovine.

Not one to let things go to waste, she brought the outside in after doing a bit of pruning and made beautiful upcycled wooden thumbtacks from tree clippings:

You may have seen these:
Yarn wrapped baby carrots! Aren’t they perfect for this time of year? They go perfectly with this twine and scrap fabric nest. So calming and delicate.
And she’s all ready for the Easter bunny to come fill this basket she decorated with the loveliest crepe paper flowers:
So your actual homework is to go check out the many other lovely ideas and projects at Carolyn’s. I guarantee it will be an A+ experience!


Unknown said...

Sounds like this is the kind of homework I would enjoy! Will definately be dropping by to visit. :)

Drop By & Browse The Tattered Tag

Unknown said...

I love the yarn wrapped carrots. They are adorable!

Screaming Sardine said...

The word I think of regarding Carolyn's creations is "elegant" as well. I always love checking up on the latest she's been doing.

Tracy All Thumbs Crafts

Netty said...

Beautiful work. Have a great weekend, Annette x

1CardCreator said...

Thanks for sharing her beautiful work with us!

koralee said...

Everything is so lovely...thanks for sharing. Love that nest in the branches.

Hugs for a happy weekend.